TLC Medical Exam

If you’re interested in completing your TLC License and becoming a professional driver in NYC, you will need a TLC Medical Examination. You’ve come to the right place, our licensed physicians at All Med Urgent Care have vast experience performing the exam carefully and thoroughly and helping drivers complete their certification.

The following drivers will require a TLC examination:

  • Yellow, Green or medallion taxi cab drivers
  • Uber & Lyft drivers
  • Limousines drivers

The TLC medical examination is an in-depth look at your health and medical history to determine any issues that might prevent you from operating a vehicle safely. The doctor will examine your vitals, blood pressure, reflexes, nose, and throat and much more. You will also need to inform the doctor of your medical history, family medical history, and any medication(s), vitamins or over the counter medication you are taking. Please consult with our physicians to determine what files you need to bring with you. 

If you’re interested in completing a TLC medical exam call us today. The date of your medical examination cannot be more than 90 days before the date that you submit your TLC application. (To review the application instructions go to ) So don’t wait. We’re here to answer any questions and help you accomplish your goals.


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