What is a TLC Medical Examination

27 Mar 2019 Medical

If your a professional driver or would like to break into this field. You will need a TLC Driver License applicants (Medallion, Street Hail Livery and For Hire Vehicle). This examination can be performed by a physician determining that you are in proper physical condition to perform this role. The examination includes eyesight, epilepsy, vertigo, heart examination and other physical observations to determine you are in good health. If you are a potential taxi, limousine or uber driver you can visit us today for an exam. To download the form you can visit https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/tlc/downloads/pdf/driver_medical_form_b.pdf

If you need your TLC Medical Exam visit us. No appointment necessary, simply walk in or call us (718 659 0400) as soon as possible.